Our Advantages

Envion Software boasts numerous advantages that we are eager to put at our clients’ disposal. This, in many respects, unique combination of favorable factors and our professional traits as a service provider accounts for the significant amount of repeat business we do: many of our clients have stayed with us for years now or have approached us repeatedly for assistance with their new business endeavors.


  • Consummate Expertise & Experience in Our Target Business Domains

Envion boasts a stellar project delivery track record and has served a number of world-known companies, research institutions, and institutes of higher learning. We have been engaged in catering for some of the industries we serve (Natural Language Processing, eLearning, Digital Asset Management, and Database Publishing) since their infancy, and our expertise here is second to none.


  • Exceptionally Qualified Software Development Professionals

Envion’s R&D facilities are currently based in 4 of Eastern Europe’s famous software development hubs. These locations are traditionally renowned for the enormous talent and invariably high qualifications of their IT professionals.

All our software and  QA engineers, as well as our business analysts hold a university degree in a relevant field (Software Engineering, Software Systems, System Engineering, Applied Mathematics, System Analysis), and have proven successful experience of implementing projects for international clients. We employ graduates of Zhukovsky Kharkiv National Aerospace University (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Kharkiv National University of Radio & Electronics (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Mechnikov Odessa National University (Odessa, Ukraine), Kharkiv National Polytechnic University (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Odessa State Polytechnic University (Odessa, Ukraine), St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia), St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (St. Petersburg, Russia), and other well-known higher educational institutions.


  • A Dramatic Reduction in Your Development Costs Compared to In-House Development

As a rule, our strategic business presence in Eastern Europe makes it possible to reduce our North-American and European clients’ development expenses by 40-50%. In addition, we are also always prepared to compete price-wise with other offshore software providers that are in the same league with us professionally.


  •  The Ability to Scale Up Your Development Effort Quickly and Seamlessly

All the 4 of our main R&D locations have large, eminently qualified, and varied IT talent pools due to the very large number of technical universities and offices of international software development vendors. There are numerous private and corporate-sponsored vocational schools and popular IT venues for IT professionals to share knowledge and ideas. This creates a unique and vibrant IT culture and gives us ample access to some of the world’s best programming talent. Normally, we spend almost twice less time on sourcing a required technologist than we would spend in the US or Western Europe.


  • A Transparent Development Process & Precise Project Estimates

A transparent and reliable business relationship: you can monitor the development process, visit us on site, or discuss any issues or concerns that you may have directly with our company’s top Management. Importantly, after the design stage, we tell our clients upfront both how much it costs and how long it will last.


  • A Long-Term Solution to Your Staffing & R&D Problems

We are after long-term client relationships and we manage to forge those wherever possible, which is amply proven by our current customer base. Our broad technology stack, as well as the overlapping business domains (Digital Asset Management/DB Publishing, NLP/eLearning) allow our clients to stay with us as a single provider as they seek to develop new and different functionality.


  • Low Overall and Project-to-Project Employee Churn

The opportunity to grow professionally while implementing interesting and challenging projects for market-leading clients, good compensation package, fringe benefits, cozy home-like atmosphere, and excellent working conditions all promote long-lasting employee relationships we try to build at Envion. To illustrate, we have several top-notch software engineers who have been with us for more than 10 years now.

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