About Us

For over 30 years Envion Software has been engaged in creating state-of-the-art business 
applications for companies worldwide. 

With offices in Boston (U.S.), Odessa (Ukraine), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Lviv (Ukraine), and St. Petersburg (Russia), and a cherry-picked team of more than 100 software engineers and other professionals,
we are uniquely equipped and vastly experienced to offer companies in the Digital Asset Management, DB PublishingNatural Language ProcessingeLearning, and  Healthcare IT industry sectors one of the best  value-for-money ratios available on the market.  

Envion’s professional excellence is time-proven.  With an extensive and invariably
immaculate project track record, we boast a customer base that would be synonymous
with success even for the world’s most well-known software development vendors.



A Best-in-Breed Team of Software Development Professionals 

Envion’s R&D offices are based in several locations that have always been renowned for their programming talent. With scores of solidly educated and diversely experienced software engineers on board, and ready access to several major Eastern-European talent pools, we can always staff your project with superb quality and in the shortest possible time.

Michele A. Sigler, Western Armenian Lexicon Project:
"It was with a tremendous sense of relief that we handed off our work to a company with top-notch programmers and managers as well as specialists in linguistics. There was nothing Envion Software didn't do well: we asked for an initial work plan and they came back to us with a full specification that thoroughly reflected their knowledge and experience and that directed our first and succeeding steps in the project. Their plan was concrete (i.e., they knew their stuff) and also took into account the long-term needs of our effort."

Great Offshore Benefits

Envion’s R&D centers are located in Eastern Europe’s most well-known software development hubs, making a dramatic reduction in our North-American, Australian, and Western-European clients’ in-house software development expenses a regular part of our service offering. In several instances, our clients have been able to reduce their in-house development expenses by a factor
of 3.


Jim Schmidt, EVP of Sales and Marketing Recorded Books, LLC:
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the progress being made on the Gateway project. Everyone over here has been very complimentary of your work and attention to detail. Hiring you guys was a great decision on our part!

An Excellent Command of a Broad Range of Technologies

We employ top-notch professionals with an excellent command of, and broad experience
in the following development technologies: Java,C/C++, PL/SQL, MySQL, CSS, HTML, PHP,
Python, C#, JavaScript, AJAX,Node.js, Android, and others.



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