Envion Software dates back to 1984, when a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates decided to combine one another’s programming talents and linguistic brilliance in order to try to solve various interesting, topical, and technologically challenging problems.

The first such problem tackled by the nascent Envion team was the highly challenging problem of automatic hyphenation. It took the team a significant effort to come up with an utterly novel approach to the issue and to derive a viable algorithm that solved the problem, which was generally reckoned to be insolvable. The developed system had a number of advantages over any similar attempts made at the time, and was eventually licensed by us along with some other proprietary technologies to Microsoft, Quark, Adobe, Oracle, Atex, Bitstream, DRI, and many other companies.

Our next milestone became the development of Understander, a system intended for the retrieval of relevant scientific articles from electronic databases. When tested by us on limited corpora with a limited vocabulary and a limited semantic frames set, the prototype of the product proved to be 96% accurate on sampled newspaper and magazine text. Due to funding reasons, our idea was not then implemented in full. However, it influenced greatly the implementation of InOtherWords, our semantic net project for the Norwegian semantic web TROLL, as well as the implementation of another, InOtherWords-based, project for a German semantic net.

In the ensuing years, there were many more interesting and challenging projects. Gradually, our experience and expertise gave birth to a full-blown Natural Language Processing practice that has since delivered dozens of diverse NLP-related software development projects. In addition to the major client projects, some of which have been ongoing for years, we have also developed a line of proprietary NLP products and have been able to uniquely solve several challenging problems in the NLP field.

At this time, we realized the need both to expand and to make our services more affordable to a broader clientele. Being well-acquainted with one of the world’s most popular outsourcing locations, Eastern Europe, we made our first move to establish a business presence there in 2000, and that’s how our first offshore R&D center in St. Petersburg, Russia, came into being. This first experience proved to be highly successful, and 5 years later, in the summer of 2006, we opened a major R&D center in Ukraine’s second largest city of Kharkiv, a world-famous outsourcing destination and major IT hub. Currently, our Kharkiv office is a 40-strong R&D facility that keeps on steadily growing.

eLearning became another of our major practices. Our more significant projects include a feature-rich Web-based thesaurus solution, an advanced mobile language-learning solution, and many more. Envion’s clients in the eLearning business domain are North-American, UK, Australian and other institutes of higher learning, technology companies, and other business organizations.

In parallel with the development of our eLearning practice, we have also expanded into several more business domains that include Healthcare IT, Database Publishing & Digital Asset Management, Telephony, and eCommerce. In any one of the above areas, we boast a remarkable track record of delivering IT solutions to market-leading companies and major research institutions.

The upsurge in the company’s business we saw toward 2013 prompted further business expansion, and 2014 saw the opening of Envion’s R&D centers in two more of Ukraine’s significant software outsourcing hubs, the cities of Lviv and Odessa.

Also, in 2014, after nearly 30 years of operating under the name of Circle Noetic Services in the United States, we decided it was time to abandon our sentimental attachment to our initial name, and Envion Software was registered as a U.S.-domiciled business entity to replace Circle as our main brand. During the last 14 years, we have already been operating as Envion Software in Eastern Europe.

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