Client Testimonials

  • Michael Quinlan


    CEO Transparent Language, Inc

    "Envion Software has successfully developed and delivered a wide variety of significant projects for us on platforms ranging from Web to server to desktop to PDA. However, they are much more than a coding shop; they are full partners in the build out of our product and technology strategy. The relationship with Envion Software is a significant competitive advantage for our company. We will certainly continue our Envion Software relationship, and we are already planning to further increase the number and the size of projects we are doing with them."

  • Brett Newbold

    Executive Management Consultant

    "Just finished a project with the company named Envion software. It is by far the most talented contract programming company I have ever worked with. They can take on just about anything and deliver. So, if any of you have any thoughts about contracting out some programming, I highly recommend this group."

  • Michele A. Sigler

    Western Armenian Lexicon Project

    "It was with a tremendous sense of relief that we handed off our work to a company with top-notch programmers and managers as well as specialists in linguistics. There was nothing Envion Software didn't do well: we asked for an initial work plan and they came back to us with a full specification that thoroughly reflected their knowledge and experience and that directed our first and succeeding steps in the project. Their plan was concrete (i.e., they knew their stuff) and also took into account the long-term needs of our effort."

  • Shirley Keating

    Managing Director Turn-Key Systems

    "Actually, something I've been meaning to tell you for the last couple of months is how well the whole TopLeaf Linux version is performing. There have only been a couple of bugs reported, and they've been quick to sort out. Please accept our thanks for the part that Envion and the team have played."

  • Bob Parks

    President The Wordsmyth Organization

    "The key to any organization is the balance between oversight at the top and innovative problem solving within the organization. My experience with Envion Software is that they achieve that balance. One important characteristic of Envion Software is intelligent problem solving. They have consistently taken on challenging problems, and completed the projects on time, while meeting or exceeding expectations. It's hard to imagine consistent excellence, but my experience with Envion Software has persuaded me that it's possible."

  • Jim Schmidt

    EVP of Sales and Marketing Recorded Books, LLC

    "I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the progress being made on the Gateway project. Everyone over here has been very complimentary of your work and attention to detail. Hiring you guys was a great decision on our part!"

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