Healthcare IT

Envion Software has been heavily involved in helping medical research institutions harness latest technological advances to serve their ends for over a decade now.

The very essence of the projects we have been entrusted with as well as the nature of our involvement in them have both made us part of something nationally important: the medical research we have in several instances been engaged to automate is called to help millions of people with what they currently need the most.

In addition to helping North-America’s leading medical research institutions, we have also helped U.S.-based technology-driven medical startups bring their ideas to life, bolstering them to become full-fledged providers.

Thus, although we have taken part in a variety of other Healthcare projects, our Healthcare-related experience is largely associated with two areas: the development of major data-processing medical research applications and rendering of all-round technical assistance to product-driven medical startups.


Envion’s Medical Research Applications

The bulk of our experience in this area is associated with the following development efforts:

  • Developing a Cloud-based Research Environment Solution that allows accessing a vast amount of medical data and analyzing this data in a cloud using a wide variety of research software.
  • Developing a series of ETL applications that allow analyzing major data sets in order to explore the correlations between the different data parameters. Each of these ETL applications is intended to perform one of the several specific types of data parameter-based analysis that include identifying side-effects produced by drugs and drug interactions,  identifying fraud in insurance reimbursements, discovering previously unknown diseases, exploring the relationships between various diseases, and more.

Product Development for Technology-Driven Medical Startups

In this area, our most large-scale project is developing from the ground up a Web-Based Health Guidance Solution for a North-American medical technology startup. The system is a highly innovative and feature-rich application, intended to provide health advice and guidance based on the results of blood tests, considered in conjunction with multiple other health-related criteria.


Today, Envion has a strong and well-established Healthcare IT practice. Several major projects we have implemented for the Healthcare IT vertical are still being expanded or supported by us. The knowledge and experience we have acquired while implementing them can be immediately available to help you implement your project in this business domain. Please contact us to learn more about how we can be of assistance in the case of your project at

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