There was a time when nails were high-tech.
There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone.

Technology is just a tool.
People use tools to improve their lives.
Tom Clan

Envion is a pioneer in developing telephony applications. Our team has been engaged in delivering telephony software almost since the company’s inception back in 1984. Developing software for businesses’ various communication needs is among the types of customer requests we receive most frequently.  

In consequence, we are always prepared to give any other development team that claims expertise in this business domain a run for their money regardless 
of what the clients actually need.

From virtual call-centers to any of a wide variety of corporate Web-based solutions, Envion’s multifunctional, easy-to-use, and uniquely tailored custom telephony solutions are a great value proposition for your business.

We are vastly experienced in Asterisk solutions, small business telephony systems, CRM implementation, virtual PBX, and more. We also provide the expertise in transforming communication systems into a unified voice and data structure (text, voice and video chat) with profitable scalability.

Our virtual call-centers respond to all modern demands, such as the integration of all existing communication channels into one information flow, arranging 
of calls and emails in a particular order, implementation of the interactive voice menu and record function that helps control employee behavior and solve disputable situations. There are also options that can be tailored to meet individual client requirements and include personal greetings, special modifications for working groups or supervisors, multiple on-hold music recordings that are played depending on the date or time of the day, and other customizations.

Our Range of Technologies Includes: HTML/CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP5, SOAP, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), bash, Asterisk. To find out more about our telephony expertise and how we can be of assistance in your case, please contact us at

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