Big Data

Envion’s Big Data practice came into being as an offshoot of its well-established Healthcare practice, whose experts have implemented a series of large-scale, challenging projects associated with Big Data.

Despite its relatively young age compared with some other Envion’s practices the history of which spans decades, our Big Data practice is well-positioned to handle even very formidable Big Data-related challenges. We have everything we need to do that, including first-rate software engineers, extensively experienced in Big Data, broad experience with Big Data technologies (MapReduce, Hadoop, Redshift), great hacking skills, and, finally and importantly, the hard-earned ability to optimally use some innovative approaches to the processing of bulky datasets. The latter often allows us to process large volumes of data dozens of times faster than is usually possible with the more traditional techniques.

The size of the datasets we deal with can reach several terabytes. We pride ourselves on having successfully delivered projects that focused on the processing of several decades’ worth of historical data associated with hundreds of millions of people.

Envion’s Big Data development team is extensively skilled in applying advanced data analytics. The bulk of our experience stems from large-scale Big Data projects in the Healthcare industry sector. We successfully process and analyze extremely large data sets with a diverse range of criteria and a hierarchy of intricate interrelations between them in order to determine the nature of the relationships between the various drugs, drug ingredients, medical procedures, diseases, and drugs’ side-effects.

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