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Envion Software is a global software partner that specializes in creating custom software solutions. How we do it is what makes us one of the top software firms in the Boston area. We approach each project as an opportunity to use our experience, creativity, intuition to deliver results that often exceed expectations. For our startup clients that means working on every aspect of the product development and evolution from fleshing out an idea to delivering a finished product. When we extend an existing development team our clients find our enthusiasm, cooperative spirit, our intelligence and experience a valuable asset. With many years under our belt, our team of project managers and engineers have what it takes to have our clients succeeded.


Who we are

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    Envion Software has over 30 years of professional experience in developing state-of-the-art software that resolves unique business challenges.

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    We’ve attracted the best Eastern Europe’s tech talent accumulated in our Ukrainian IT hubs with the HQ in Boston, USA.

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    Full-cycle offshore programming operated by a trustworthy US-based company is what we do with the competence and reliability being our business card.

Company Mission and Strategic Challenges


A blend of traditional approach and modern solutions are married to three decades of experience here, at Envion. Envion Software business analysts, system architects, QA engineers and senior level programmers for hire available for you, project by project approach and technical intelligence are our differentiating factors.


Our professionalism is tightly intertwined with the high level of responsibility when delivering projects. This creates the atmosphere of accurate estimates, deadlines compliance, and responsiveness to business needs. Our clients are welcome to control every stage of software development, including face-to-face meetings with designers or back-end programmers upon demand.


The client-oriented approach is the core of our corporate culture, its main rule stating: be transparent and flexible to find the most suitable solution for unique requests of our clients. The win-win strategy, we adhere to, allows our clients to make the best choice for their business and on their own terms.


Office location and HQ

We’ve attracted the best Eastern Europe’s tech talent accumulated in our Ukrainian and IT hubs with the HQ in Boston, USA

Envion Software has over 30 years of professional experience in developing state-of-the-art software that resolves unique business challenges

1984 - 1985

Envion founded by a group of MIT students and professors.
Dashes algorithmic hyphenation for English released, Understander, the semantic relevance algorithm, prototyped showing 96% accuracy against well written English text

1985 - 1987

PassWord spellchecker released, Envion in partnership with Manhattan Graphics pioneers Desktop Publishing revolution. Releases Ready,Set,Go! 3.0, which is declared by InfoWorld to asher in the the second generation of desktop publishing software. Ready,Set,Go! wins Software Publishers Association’s Best Software Upgrade award

1987 - 1990

Work on WordFan English stemmer begins. Envion invents a compression algorithm that allows it to compress WordFan linguistic data with 94-97% efficiency. Depending on the language the algorithm takes 2 to 4 bits to store a word with its conjugation information.
Atex, Digital Research, Quark, Adobe, Oracle license Envion NLP technologies. Envion begins work on InOtherWords, its own semantic network for American English

1990 - 1999

Dashes supports 32 languages, algorithmic stemming and WordFan become multilingual. Microsoft licenses Envion NLP technologies. Envion envisions and develops a social networking website Civeterna.com

2000 - 2006

Envion shifts the business model from developing its own products to outsourcing. Opens  office in Kharkov, Ukraine

2006 - 2018

Envion developed iPhone language learning app wins Apple’s award for the most advanced use of Apple technology.
Envion establishes a presence in Zaporozhye and Kiev

Management and core team

Alexander N.
Alexander N.

Boston, USA

Chief Executive Officer

Jacques Q.
Jacques Q.

Leamington Spa - Silicon Spa, UK

Senior Sales Manager

Natalia K.
Natalia K.

Odessa. Ukraine

Chief Accounting Officer

Kateryna Q.
Kateryna Q.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Project Manager, Business Analyst

Roman I.
Roman I.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Senior QA Engineer

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