E-commerce analytics

Retail analytics framework

Advanced ticket analysis in a CRM system

Anomaly detection in a mobile network

Health guidance solution for a North-American start-up

EMR and EMH analytics for a leading North American Medical Research Institution

A cloud – based research environment for a North – American medical research institution

Improving healthcare experience by leveraging BIG DATA aggregation and stardartization

Car insurance business automation improved company performance and transparency

Company related event extraction for risk assessment

The multilingual named – entity recognition for Journal Article Summarization

The semantic reasoning tool for revealing patterns across versatile datastores

The intranet CRM system for financial institutions

DRM one-point access system for an American digital publisher

Handwriting font creation app for Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Marketing campaign authoring management platform for retail

The multi-touch digital signage solution

Marketing automation solution

The innovative route-planner mobile application

E-learning application suite

Multi-dimensional vocabulary-learning resource

Innovative adult and children literacy e-learning suite

Personalized fitness app for women with exercise and menus for different goals, venues and difficulty

A relationships facilitation app to aid in therapeutic counseling

The platform for reservation rental beach supplies

A dating app with GPS functionality, supporting audio, video and text interactions

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