Car insurance business automation improved company performance and transparency

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  • Industry

    Insurance CRM/
    PAS System

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    Web Application

  • Duration

    1 Year With Ongoing Support


  • managing relationships with agents and partners became clear and transparent due to PAS (Policy Administration Systems) and DMS (Document Management Software) developed
  • error-prone and labor-intensive business flows and paper-work were cut down
  • operation managers efforts were optimized due to operation processes automation


The US car insurance company required an efficient automation of their business operation processes. The main requirements to the software product embraced:

  • adding on detailed information on a large number of auto insurance cases
  • relevant policies storage
  • fast data retrieval for the following processing
  • transparent cooperation with company partners

Approach and solution

First of all company’s data were aggregated and transformed into the appropriate database using ETL process. The database contained auto insurance policies. The next step was making clear and transparent the process of managing the relationships with various partners and agents. The software supported the data interchange process with commonly used PAS (Policy Administration Systems). Then Envion added DMS (Document Management Software) application allowing the client easily manage all its corporate data and calculate discounts and commissions. Apart from the unified DMS, their managers are now equipped to make efficient discount-related decisions taking into account multiple diverse parameters (plan, term, vehicle model, vehicle class, surcharges, etc.) and the interrelations between them. Additionally, the application supports the transparent functionality of interacting with varied business partners, namely – car dealers and agents, involved in selling insurance policies in order to establish proper commision structure and compute payments.

Technical details

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Symfony
  • Doctrine
  • Wkhtmltopdf

Business result

The car insurance company was able to completely automate its previously human error-prone and labor-intensive business processes. This in turn has significantly improved their business performance and decreased the need for an army of managers allowing to optimize their workflows and shift focus on more important activities. The reports on the contracts signed by the insurance company – generated for the DMS users – has made the overall business process more transparent and friendlier for their business partners.

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