The intranet CRM system for financial institutions

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    CRM systems

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    Web Application

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    6 Months


The available CRM modules allowed storing detailed information about customers and prospective clients and partners, as well as keep a track of all marketing activities performed by a manager of a financial institution.

The existing reports provided information on customer responses to marketing campaigns, messages, and promotional materials, and information associated with loans and mortgages (terms, payments, and more).


A US-based technology vendor approached Envion Software to support and expand a legacy CRM application intended for financial institutions.

The main challenges included:

  • providing support for existing functionality
  • developing new features with customizable settings to integrate into available modules
  • improving system performance

One of the significant hurdles to overcome during the project’s implementation became the diverse mix of the largely obsolete technologies and antiquated software-engineering approaches employed by our predecessors to develop the client’s legacy application.

Most of these technologies were widely used back in the late 1980s, and, thus, offered very limited possibilities for enhancement.

Often, our communication with the client included a great deal of additional compatibility analysis aimed to validate whether some of the newly introduced requirements were suitable for the existing application architecture and database structure.

We also guided them through the requirements for the new functionality and offered several implementation options to choose from.

As our client’s banking and other customers’ business processes varied significantly, delivering the system to them also involved a great deal of customization.

In most instances, customizing the system was associated with the application’s GUI and its color spectrum, as well as the need to add customer-specific user roles, or implement a custom validation procedure (for instance, a limitation on the price of a promotional gift that could be purchased for a particular segment of the lender’s customer base).


To perform the system expansion, Envion Software assigned 1 full-time software engineer to the project.

The system’s expansion performed by Envion Software:

  • the expanded system can now be used to import customer information from files to update/add information to the database. It supports multiple file types. A newly created customer is assigned to a specific loan officer using one of the available procedures with corresponding tasks automatically created by the system
  • the Marketing functionality of the client’s app was expanded by us to include fully customizable HTML- formatted message creation capability. We have also implemented a workflow with some client-specific settings to adjust the process to the needs of any financial institution. This process includes the creation of an order, its modification, approval, and sending. There are multiple options that allow modifying the UI depending on the current order status to display the available commands
  • we increased the application’s level of security. In particular, we eliminated the possibility of concurrent entry into the system from two different computers using the same login and introduced monitoring of user actions
  • in addition to the above enhancements, at the client’s request, we also increased the system’s performance for processing client information sent from the Web client from 100 clients per 1.5 min. to 5000 clients per 20 sec


Technical details

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express


The client’s application has been powerfully enhanced to allow importing various types of data and customizing the supported business processes to meet the latest needs of financial institutions with greater precision and efficiency. Some of the newly added functionality has been directly responsible for the acquisition of several customers by our client.

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