DRM one-point access system for an American digital publisher

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    9 Years


  • over 2000 of digital content publishers licensing the platform
  • 1.5 mln of end users


A US-headquartered digital publishing company with more than 20,000 published audio titles and other digital assets, and a world’s leading supplier and reseller of digital content to an array of markets (including consumer, retail, professional, school, library and infotainment ones) requested Envion Software to assist them in developing a cross platform (web and mobile) one-point access system to provide metered centralized customer access to their own and other providers’ digital media.

The client’s one-point access system serves as a gateway to a comprehensive collection of curated e-books, audio titles, movies, online courses, music, online radio broadcasts, videos, magazines, websites, computer programs, and other resources.

The service is available globally: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Egypt, Singapore, etc.


When a North-American digital publishing company asked Envion Software to develop a web-based one-point access system for their platform users and administrators, we aimed to do both:

  • add user engagement opportunities
  • deliver top marketing value

The platform’s collections of e-books, audios, movies, music, online courses and radio broadcasts, videos, magazines, websites, computer programs etc. all are available now via Single Sign-On gateway!

The most demanding technical challenge was implementing load balancing between the system’s several servers to respond to the high system load associated with a very large number of its concurrent users.


First, the searching criteria system was developed and now library clients can search for a required media asset using even multiple principles:

  • keyword/title
  • genre
  • language
  • cast/crew
  • director/producer
  • festival
  • channel
  • year
  • duration
  • audience (family, teen, or adult), etc.

Then, Envion developed one-point access system both for library clients, and admins.
Library administrators can subscribe to any of the multiple services available via the gateway to offer them to the library members. What’s more, administrators are equipped to generate reports on the usage of their collections and services, filtering user requests.

The project has been ongoing for 9+ years now, and the number of the Envion Software experts deployed on it has varied from 2 to 10 during the different stages in its implementation. Most of the time, we had two software engineers deployed on the project, who worked in contact with the QA team.

Current QA engineers’ tasks are testing mobile apps and developing automated tests. Our software engineers work on .NET part of the project using .NET Core + Kubernetes to migrate to microservices.

Envion Software team implemented a lot of features and delivered the fully-features solution:

  • users who subscribe to a library hosted by the gateway can create a single account to access any of the multiple services the library is subscribed to
  • a library user can perform a search for a required media asset using multiple search criteria that vary depending on the service with access granted. These criteria may include Keyword/Title, Genre, Language, Cast/Crew, Director/Producer, Festival, Channel, Year of publication, Duration, Audience(family, teen, or adult), and more
  • library administrators can access and subscribe to any of the multiple services made available via the gateway. Wherever allowed by a specific service, they can choose to subscribe only to those materials that they need or define various settings. For example, it is possible to set an adult content warning to display or to limit access to some of the available content
  • also, library administrators can access marketing materials associated with the services their libraries subscribed to (for example, marketing and promotion materials associated with athletic training, language-learning, and other brands), and generate reports on the usage of their collection of services
  • it is also possible for library administrators to filter users based on Library Card Number, IP, Barcode, and other parameters
  • library administrators can be assisted by Portal administrators
  • there are several types of Portal administrators, and the rights they have, vary depending on a specific type. Some can only view library-related information and generate reports (Sales Managers), while others (Super Administrators) can create libraries, perform library-requested subscriptions, and email library administrators and library users, filtering the latter by country, region, state, or service
  • just like Library Administrators, Super Administrators can also filter library users based on Library Card Number, IP, and Barcode


The number of libraries the system used to provide one-point access to is currently over 2000, while the number of these libraries’ users is now more than 2.5 million.

By now, the bulk of the system’s functionality has been implemented by us, and the system is currently fully functional.

Making an additional effort was often required while working with the client’s multiple B2B customers whose business needs, business procedures, and willingness to cooperate with the Envion Software team have varied to a great extent.

Technical details

  • MS SQL
  • ASP classic
  • VBScript
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • JQuery
  • JSON
  • PHP

Business result

As a result, the number of digital content publishers licensing the platform is currently over 2000, with the number of active users topping 1.5 million. Each licensee has unique and diverse licensing requirements for their digital content. The system provides comprehensive and flexible options for accommodating these diverse needs.

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