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An e-learning literacy site for families and schools was foundering because of substandard engineering. The client soon came to see they had an engineering emergency on their hands. They contacted Envion. The options came down to trying to fix the original code or trying to rebuild the application from scratch. The first was something of a hope and a prayer; the second was a leap of faith.


The heart of the solution proved to be intangible: Envion first had to gain the client’s trust to go with the second option—meaning we had to convince them we had the skills, expertise, and experience to pull off a technological transformation of their application. It took time, but after analyzing the challenge and after outlining an MVP and a path, we were on board. We built a new architecture to provide a stable foundation for the application as well as one with the flexibility to accommodate future features and changes. Our plan encompassed everything from designing a new and attractive UI\UX interface to developing all the web apps to performing all the integrations to conducting thorough load-testing to make sure the solution was ready for prime time.


Today the application comfortably and comprehensively supports thousands of language activities and exercises to help learners—both children and adults—achieve literacy. The app is flexible and extensible. For example, the client can add more content to existing learning modules, set performance goals, generate reports, and so on. They can also develop and plug in their own purpose-built modules. In short, the system we rebuilt gave the client the following:

  •  A durable and stable foundational architecture allowing for the addition of more and more learning opportunities for families, students, teachers, and school districts.

  •  A capability to customize content at every learner level.

  •  A sophisticated tracking and reporting system.

  •  A streamlined management capability enabling schools to direct their own teaching/learning strategies.

  •  A platform for continually improving educational quality and results.

Additionally, we recently ported the app to iOS and Android devices. This advance in extending the client’s platforms and reach was due in large part to having overhauled the underlying architecture and to instituting rigorous and consistent engineering practices.

Technical details

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • MongoDB

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