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The Family Learning Company (and its predecessor companies, Maestro Learning, and Intentional Educations) has partnered with more than 100 educational and consumer publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, IBM, Discovery Channel, and Scholastic to produce high-quality products that employ technology to help students achieve better learning outcomes and enjoy learning more.

This platform allows their users not only to receive an interactive set of exercises but give the opportunity for parents, teachers, and carers to find out how things should be taught according to international learning programs. Family learning is an approach to engaging families in learning outcomes that have an impact on the whole family. The main focus of this platform is on improving English, Swahili, maths, digital & logical skills, and health. A suite of software products that leverages the natural connections between family members and groups of friends to engage learners in developing reading, writing, social, and communication skills.


A US-based e-learning software provider approached Envion Software with two major tasks:

  • de-update the existing web app
  • redesign and develop from scratch all their products Frontend and Backend, and create a Web-based application for teachers and students


Envion came up with a simple MVP plan:

  • elaborated the product idea into the feasible scope (both bringing value to potential users and fitting the budget available)
  • defined future solution architecture
  • created attractive UI\UX design
  • performed web app development and integrations
  • conducted thorough load testing to make sure that the solution is ready for the mass use
  • support & continue further development and enhancement of the product



Envion followed the Plan, then we added Admin Pages functionality for SuperAdmin, Teachers, and Learners.

SuperAdmin can add new learning centers, locales, activity templates for students, etc. It’s also possible to easily create a new game for Learners using varied predefined activity templates.

Teachers can add Learners, choose the Activities for them, and track personal or group progress via dynamically generated reports by year/group/individual.

The Family Learning Company has 4,000 existing activities it can organize in a variety of ways to suit the specific needs of a particular school district. We can create grade-level apps (First Grade or Second Grade) or Grade-Subject apps (First Grade Math or Second Grade Phonics). These apps can include as few as 10-15 activities or as many as hundreds of learning activities.

The Family Learning Company can create new activities for a school district, based on existing activities the district has already created or the specific curriculum needs of its students. Such activities can include Spelling and Vocabulary activities based on a district’s weekly Spelling and Vocabulary lists or bilingual Reading and Phonics activities.

The project is ongoing for 5 years now. Currently, Envion Software team adds

  • Shopify interface for selling levels
  • more activity templates
  • animation to some elements

Further releases will also include:

  • creating the mobile version of the Web-based app
  • rebuilding the iOS and Android apps
  • redesigning the Web interface of the app to become more dynamic and interactive


Technical details

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • MongoDB

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