Handwriting font creation app for Samsung Galaxy Tablet

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The client’s application allows capturing images of handwritten glyphs and converting those images into TrueType outlines stored in a font. The resulting font can be used to produce text that looks like the user’s handwriting.


Monotype Imaging approached Envion to develop a Handwriting Font Creation application for Samsung Galaxy  Tablet.

The main project challenges were:

  • over-persuading the client to avoid creating of Android NDK application and develop a normal Android GUI application with the JNI layer
  • the need to optimize the C-based font creation libraries provided by Monotype to achieve an acceptable level of performance on Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices
  • identifying and correcting longstanding bugs in those libraries


Envion Software started by creating a strong project team, that based on thorough research conducted by them, dissuaded the client from developing an Android NDK app and convinced them to develop a regular Android GUI application with a JNI layer instead.

Our team created a set of detailed documentation for the project, including mockups and application scheme diagrams.

We managed to establish a great rapport with the client, granting full access to the project documentation to the client’s project owner, and ensuring highly dynamic and efficient interaction with them.

The more technically challenging part of the project implementation effort was associated with the need to optimize the C-based libraries provided by the client to achieve an acceptable level of performance on Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices.

The libraries were a key component of the app responsible for converting hand-drawn glyphs into TrueType font outlines and storing those outlines as a font. When initially provided by the client, they represented a hodge-podge of antiquated software, originally developed for other purposes, and created using a variety of coding styles and practices.

The libraries were not POSIX-compliant, and they had persistent bugs that proved difficult to get rid of.

The project team dealt with all the above issues efficiently to deliver the project on time and budget.

Technical details

  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK
  • JNI
  • C-based libraries


Monotype Imaging has received a premium-quality product to broaden its product range, and even further establish itself as a leading provider of typeface technology.

Engaging Envion Software to implement the project allowed the client to correctly choose the optimal technology, thus ruling out the otherwise possible issues with its implementation.

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