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    11 Years


The client’s app is a feature-rich Web-based solution, intended to design and manage, quickly and effortlessly, narrowly tailored, personalized and complex-structured cross-media marketing campaigns. The solution is geared toward major retail chains.

It is possible to create a high-quality marketing message, and then send the message to a targetted segment of the company’s customer base using the system’s mass-emailing capability. This emailing capability allows customization and personalization of the message.

In addition, the system allows creating Internet landing pages to support retailer marketing events, webinars, market surveys.

The application provides product, publication, and task management functionality.


A London (UK)-based software provider, dedicated to the development of cross-media marketing and database publishing software platform, was looking for a competent and relevantly experienced development team to take over the implementation of one of their major projects.

Envion Software became the provider of choice due to our significant relevant experience, and the immaculate project delivery track record we had.

Our primary task was to provide ongoing customization services required by the evolving needs of customer’s clients. In a short time Envion’s involvement extended into maintenance and evolution of the core system which included gradual migration to modern technologies.


The extent to which the application was customized has varied in each particular case but has largely been limited to the need for custom GUI, or a custom API to allow receiving data on the customer’s multiple brands.

However, some of the individual customization-related projects did pose an entire range of highly formidable challenges.

In particular, delivering the system to one of South-East Asia’s premier retailers included the system’s significant re-engineering to implement Unicode support, Chinese localization, and the need to deliver the project against a very tight deadline of 6 months.

Relying on our extensive previous experience, we succeeded in overcoming all the above challenges in full compliance with our client’s customer’s expectations.

The project has been ongoing for over many years now. Currently, the Envion Software team deployed on it is involved in further expanding and customizing the system’s functionality.

Technical details

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • XML Soap
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Material Design
  • IBM Watson
  • XMPie
  • Amazon Bot


Choosing Envion Software to take over one of their flagship projects has allowed the client to turn what could be referred to as a mediocre software application into a premium-quality, innovative, and easily marketable solution, significantly improving their customers’ ROI.

They have been able to attract several major customers, add to their reputation as a leading provider in their business domain, and establish a growing business presence on the highly promising South- East-Asian market.

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