The multi-touch digital signage solution

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    Ongoing 1 Year


Our client is the North-American provider of the multi-touch digital signage solution, whose expertise lies in semantic content aggregation & multi-user multi-touch interaction.

The future is nigh! Visualize holograms, pop-ups, notifications, & more, giving relative information to fulfill a service or conclude a sale. The technology immediately adapts & advances accounting for individual preferences & exchanges.

Cutting-edge features of the platform include a combination of interaction, social media, & multi-touch installations into one highly adaptive & intelligent panel boasting an interactive multimedia experience with multi-users & seamless functionality.

Semantic content composition, sublime visual appearance, as well as passive or active interactions give the user unprecedented possibilities to find & utilize technology above & beyond their needs.


With the world getting smaller, time zones have also become a significant barrier in communication. Fortunately, we are able to operate smoothly as one cohesive team with associates being located across the globe. With a mutual understanding, we are able to accomplish tasks through our methodologies while conveying our ideas across multiple languages.

From a design perspective, accommodating the vast majority of users into one inaugurated platform takes a lot of time & consideration. We must directly see ourselves as ‘the end user’ of the product incorporating demographics, ethnicities, disabilities, etc. Consolidating all of the aforementioned can be a mammoth undertaking.

In an ideal world, it would be advantageous to have all the devices at hand for testing. However, we are masters at working blind while using our imagination & the requirements given to proceed into the next step of the development simulating on any device available.


Our cooperation started with the NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine for university students helping them find the necessary information in the database of available educational materials. Then we also picked up other projects of our client. Now we are conducting several projects with this client at once.

To tackle the obstacle of working distantly, we have built strong rapport between all of the team allowing for differences in time & location. We also engage in regular meetings to discuss the progress, difficulties being faced, & blockages in relaying information.

The methodology used plays a vital part in structuring the project while initiating the workflow. For this particular project we use a Kanban Board. Working in synergy, we are able to maximise our resources while establishing a formidable prominence along the way.

Collaborating shoulder to shoulder with our client, we are able to produce & provide a full-bore development cycle making use of Business Analysts, Project Managers, & all technical paradigms needed for the succession of the project. Inevitably all projects carry obstacles & hurdles, however with our devoted team, we are able to combat & suffice any implementation stipulated.

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