Marketing automation solution

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    Marketing & Advertising

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    Web, SaaS,
    Desktop, XPress, InDesign

  • Duration

    12 Years


The application is a fully-featured Web-based solution providing powerful functionality to create display/classified ads, and manage marketing campaigns. This solution is for clients from Retail and Hospitality domains.

A British IT provider (advertising and marketing campaign management software), faced with the need to improve the performance of their flagship products. 

They approached Envion Software because they deemed us capable of taking over a project with many significant challenges. Our team saved the day by providing ongoing maintenance and support for the existing codebase while undertaking a complete redesign of the client’s app.


On approaching Envion Software to take over the project, the client indicated the urgency of the situation. The application’s poor performance jeopardized a number of the company’s mission-critical business relationships. The poor code quality and absence of documentation added to the challenge. The codebase was extensive comprizing of close to million lines of poorly performing code. Our initial task was to quickly stabilize the existing code and transition to evolving and extending application’s functionality.


Project implementation was a rescue effort requiring both software development and industry expertise, top-notch programming skills, and a total commitment on the part of the project team.

Envion Software engaged a team of 8 top-qualified software engineers.

Our team started with taking over from the existing team and working on stabilizing the existing code. Then we promptly delivered the in-depth analysis of the system architecture and codebase, and discovered fundamental architectural errors in the system design that made it impossible to make the system function without fault. 

From that point on our efforts were two-fold. We did our best to continue stabilizing and supporting the existing code base and at the same time started moving along the path of redesigning the system from scratch. 

We developed a plan for a 6 month MVP and successfully executed on it. From that point on we continued to evolve the product until it reached full functionality and beyond. 

As the technological landscape evolved and internet based solutions became more common we transitioned the system from being a Mac OS based distributed application to a web based solution.

In particular, our team delivered the following functionality:

  • now the app supports complex workflows and allows receiving multiple-parameter data from a range of channels, consolidating and publishing it on the Web, or using them for database publishing purposes. 
  • data can be entered into the system by a large number of concurrent users and consist of a diverse number of parameters (for example, suite, price, view, hotel, and the related description in one of several languages). Some of the parameters (for instance, the price and language), as well as the appropriate season-specific images, are selected automatically by the system.
  • user-entered and other collected data is transformed to meet a single industry standard, stored into the app database, and can then be retrieved from there in response to a Web query, or used to create custom marketing assets based on InDesign/QuarkX templates. 
  • besides, it is also possible to create landing pages that can be used to conduct or support a company’s marketing activities, for example, webinars.
  • also, functionality included such business-critical capabilities, as features for the Hospitality sector, and integration with InDesign/QuarkX. 

Since its inception, the project has been ongoing for over 12 years now.

Technical details

  • C/C++
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • React.js
  • Python
  • MY SQL
  • ETL/Pentaho Kettle
  • AWS
  • Multichannel data ingestion
  • MyBatis
  • XPress SDK
  • InDesign SDK
  • Big Data
  • MongoDB
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Docker/Kubernetes

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