Personalized fitness app for women with exercise and menus for different goals, venues and difficulty

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    Fitness & Wellness

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    Mobile Application

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    9 months


4FitnessGirls application was one of the best in the emerging USA fitness market in 2019. It caught the attention of Apple, which shortlisted it as a candidate for a top application in the Fitness category in USA.

This fitness app is aimed at women and is a kind of a personal coach that integrates:

  • exercise programs for different venues, goals and difficulty levels
  • nutrition and water intake, progress monitor
  • specialized exercises for pregnant women
  • integration with Apple Health and Google Fit and compatible gadgets
  • Apple Airplay and Google Cast integration



#4FG startup is a team of professional fitness coaches from different countries. They approached Envion Software with the idea to create a complex native apps helping women around the globe to get in shape and stay healthy. This application was supposed to be like the user’s personal trainer in her mobile device.

Also, #4FG planned to implement:

  • native design for iPhone & Android
  • recurrent auto-subscription plans
  • integration with open standards Apple Health + AirPlay, Google Fit
  • synchronization with fitness trackers and other related IoT devices
  • displaying a streaming video of full exercises and internal premium content
  • nutrition plan and water regimen
  • collection and output of activity reports for different periods
  • premium internal content: a fitness series about training and sports with its own traffic storage and delivery system


The development of v.1 took us about 9 months. The meal plans/nutrition system, training for pregnant, video of each exercise, connection with IoT devices (the app integrates with the Health app to connect to fitness trackers, smartwatches and biometric sensors on iPhone), and other features were added during the planning stage.
Then we deployed geoDNS in the main geo locations around the world, optimized traffic delivery, implemented packing algorithms for fitness programs for optimal delivery to devices, launched both clients on 2 platforms simultaneously in July 2018.
Among the differentiating project features, Envion Software proposed a mechanism for its delivery of streaming video within the app, bypassing open platforms, which ensured encryption and copyright protection of the client.
In addition to the initial project tasks, we integrated an AI-smart fitness assistant monitoring the implementation of workouts and nutrition, as well as reminding users of upcoming activities.

Technical details

  • Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack
  • GoogleSignIn
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • ZendeskSDK
  • FacebookSDK
  • MVVM
  • Room
  • Pushwoosh
  • AWS

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