A relationships facilitation app to aid in therapeutic counseling

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    Dating &

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    Mobile Application

  • Duration

    3 Months


Mood Rings is designed to be a tool for people in a relationship to stay connected with each other. It facilitates intimate emotional communication between a pair of individuals. In today’s busy world we so often find ourselves caught in the competitive rat race of our jobs, coupled with familiar demands we hop from a must-do to a must-do every minute of our waking time. While we do, so very often, for the sake of our closest relations we find ourselves in a bind where what we must do to maintain our lives interferes with the quality of the relationships we ostensibly are doing this for. Mood Rings aims at reducing this tension by providing a simple yet effective way for two people in a relationship to communicate with each other.


Our client (a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) approached us with the raw idea to create an application helping people to communicate easier and work out their relationship issues.

The initial challenges were:

  • developing the product concept
  • build a product plan
  • design product UI/UX
  • build cross-platform apps
  • quality assurance
  • support


Envion Software’s first step with this project was enlisting the help of a Business Analyst who elicited the client’s requirements, created a use case diagram, and use case scenarios.
Then we visualized application flow by a storyboard and selected the appropriate tech stack. SCRUM was selected as the development methodology. It’s interactive and iterative nature allowed for easy evolution of the concepts during the development and effective communication with the client.
After this Envion Software team delivered the application MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using React Native as the core technology for frontend, and Node.js + Express + MongoDB for the backend.
After launching v.1 we continued working on new features and functionality for further releases.
While developing the app, the initial ideas began to transform into more expedient and useful functionality and features. The version one was delivered bug-free, on time, and on budget.
This project is ongoing, and currently, we are almost ready for the next Mood Rings app release.


  • Irina Chetverikova

    Project Manager

  • Kate Quigley

    Business Analyst

  • Daniil Tkachenko

    Product Designer

  • Ilya Burnashov

    React Native Developer

  • Dmitry Bondar

    Back-End Developer

  • Roman Irgashev

    Quality Assurance Engineer

Technical Details

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • AWS

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