Case Study

A Web-Based Health Guidance Solution for a North-American Start-up

The results
This project result was the feature-rich Web-based system intended to provide health advice and guidance based on the results of blood tests, considered in conjunction with multiple other health-related criteria.
The results of blood tests that are obtained by a person through either one of the client’s partner clinics, or any other medical institution are then manually entered by them into the system using a Web form.
It is also possible to order a blood test set via the client’s application. The customer also indicates a diverse number of parameters that allow issuing tailored recommendations to them, including age, sex, weight, height, and more.
The recommendations provided by the system include those associated with food, lifestyle, and physical exercises that can be performed by the customer in order to improve their physical conditioning.
For example, it is possible to create a food basket to take into account the individual combination of the customer’s blood markers, various personal parameters, and food preferences.
The application also allows the customer to determine their biological age, and receive recommendations on what should be done by them if it appears to be different to their physical age.
The challenge.
A fledgling North-American provider of medical consulting services was looking to significantly expand their web-based solution that then provided only basic functionality.
They were on the look-out for an industry-savvy and reliable development team, capable of duly developing the bulk of the planned advanced functionality on the basis of what had initially been done by another vendor. Envion became the provider of choice due to the company’s consummate expertise in the development of software for the Healthcare sector.
The Approach and Solution.
To implement the project, Envion created a project team of 4 team members that consisted of a PHP developer, a Frontend developer, a Web designer, and a PM.
The functionality that was created by our predecessors prior to the takeover by Envion was not sufficiently documented, and the start of the project included a direct knowledge transfer from them. Due to the nature of the project, the project team had to communicate with both the client’s business stakeholders, and several external industry experts appointed by them to provide highly specialized project-related information.
As the client’s system is geared not only toward retail customers, but also toward corporate entities and it supports the B2B business model, implementing the project included several vendor-specific customizations. For example, in one instance, we had to modify the blood test ordering functionality of the system to meet customer-specific requirements.
All the additional challenges posed by the project were duly met by the Envion project team, and the full array of the requested functionality was delivered by us to the client both on time and on budget.
Business results.
Engaging Envion to implement the bulk of the project has allowed our startup client to ramp up fast and evolve into a full-fledged, innovative provider of health consulting services.
They have been able to achieve all their initial business goals on both B2C and B2B markets, and are now well-positioned and well-equipped to further expand their business presence in both market segments.
Technology Stack:
HTML5 CSS3 SVG JavaScript JQuery PHP MySQL Nginx fastCGI Redis Codeigniter, Git, Ruby, Thin
About Envion Software.
The properly engineered architecture, developed by Envion, presupposes reusability, scalability and easy maintenance of our software applications.