Case Study

Improving healthcare experience by leveraging big data aggregation and standardisation

The results
  • The list of start-up partners is still rapidly growing;
  • The company empowers its partners with the opportunity of reasonable pharmaceutical forecasts.
The challenge.
An Israeli startup invented a cutting-edge approach of analysing the real-world medical data to improve the quality of human life. Being its technical partner, Envion Software, made the idea possible by delivering software that:
  • aggregates,
  • standardizes,
  • validates
the data on drugs, diseases, side effects, patients’ opinions, and their interrelations.
The Approach and Solution.
The startup provides its clients with healthcare insights based on statistical methodology and sentiment analysis. This way, they needed the data to be aggregated and presented in the appropriate structure. Envion used AWS to bring this Big Data project to life. With the help of the application developed by Envion, the data (both structured, and unstructured) from multiple sources:
  • electronic health records,
  • regulatory agency reports,
  • social media posts
is correlated and cross-referenced. This allows to capture the latest signals of a drug’s therapeutic or negative side effects.
Business results.
Still exploring all the business potential, the provider of the healthcare insights has been rapidly growing its list of current and prospective partners. Interested to use the product’s analytics, pharmaceutical corporations can make reasonable marketing forecasts. Stock exchange players are now equipped to draw predictions on the financial markets’ indices of the the Pharmaceutical industry.
Technology Stack:
  • Hortonworks Data Platform HDP 2.4 Apache
  • Hadoop - full stack: Hive, HBase, Sqoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Flume, Tez, Spark
  • Amazon Web Services
  • IBM DB2 DashDB
  • Pentaho Data Integration
  • Pentaho Business Analytics Platform
  • Talend Integration Studio
  • GraphDB
  • Java, Python, bash, shell, SQL
  • MapReduce, Data orchestration, Stream data processing
  • Ubuntu 16.04, Windows, Centos
  • Karaf, Docker
About Envion Software.
The properly engineered architecture, developed by Envion, presupposes reusability, scalability and easy maintenance of our software applications. We reach beyond programming into ETL, AI, ML.