Envion Software answers to Big Data challenges! Should you partner up with us, our engineers and scientists - experienced in Big Data best practices - will equip your company with big data automation and management software solutions for you to:
  • Make use out of your generated data ocean
  • Collect, process and analyze your big data efficiently
  • Transform the volumes of your client data into company assets
  • Make data based business decisions
  • Analyze big data patterns to make business predictions
For instance, Envion Software solution for big data analytics of the Healthcare sector make it possible to suggest patient care plans based on multifactor models like relevant medical history cards, warning signs of illnesses detected and suitable drug prescriptions.

Don't let Big Data avalanche overwhelm you!

Another example of Big Data in action could be described by our Marketing application developed for a well-known Publishing House. What we did was a business solution that enabled their efficient online marketing – discounts and campaign ads generated due to a variety of parameters to be displayed for potentially interested platform users.
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Say YES to Envion Software if you want to:

  • Apply Big Data in Healthcare to reveal new diseases & disclose dangerous drug interactions
  • Benefit from Data Science in Finances, including fraud detection & risk management
  • Transform your business data into conversions and upsell via Data Analytics for E-commerce
  • Use Data Analytics for Marketing to get business trends & predictions
  • Embrace a variety of Data Science opportunities for Logistics operations' optimization    
    ...and much more!

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) being another field of Envion Software expertise, our team develops custom-made software that applies both machine learning mechanisms and handwritten set of rules to suit varied business needs. When applied to NLP tasks, machine-learning algorithms reveal and analyze hidden patterns in data to improve program intelligence.

Rock-n-Roll your industry
by embracing machine learning opportunities!

What is the real world application of natural language processing?

NLP application based on content analysis

Knowledge / topic / keyword search
Information extraction / data mining
Machine translation
Summarizing large quantities of text
Spam filters, sentiment analysis

NLP application based on dialogue generation

Answering automation tools that can answer written questions (automatized online support)
Services that can provide oral speech interaction
Voice controlled machines (digital assistants, smart panels)
Being passionate about custom developed software solutions, our team of Big Data, NLP and ML enthusiasts has launched a campaign on business ideas generation for varied sectors to help you stand out of your industry's crowd and bring the future closer to each of us! Read about Biz Ideas here

Why Envion Software is the best solution for your programming needs

  • Envion Software collaborates with Eastern Europe's premier scientific, software development and educational hub centers, our data science R&D offices located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odessa, Ukraine
  • We offer all the benefits of outsourcing software developers, which could be interpreted as no recruiting stress (or costs), less management efforts and staffing flexibility for your company
  • Our team's s proficiency in Hadoop ecosystem, ETL technologies, SQL and noSQL databases, cloud computing, NLP and ML science and over three decades of experience in software engineering have blended into a powerful mix that meets and delivers excellence in solving very difficult challenges.
  • We understand science and we understand business. In Envion Software, the state of the art approach in computer science has married 30+year experience in commercial and business applications development.

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