Start Your Own Business from Scratch VS Acquire a Franchise

NEWS 07/01/2017
People who want to do business may enter the fray with two main options: acquire a franchise or start up a company of their own. Either of the approaches mentioned has its advantages as well as downsides, being purely a mixture of personal preferences and emotional qualities of a person who organises a company.
In case it doesn't much matter for a future businessman what company to run, a franchise could be a success leverage; however, a start-up is the only choice for a person who follows her heart in entering an entrepreneurship...
Businesspersons are all in one boat in the ocean of risks.
Franchise or not, - each business is a risk. A risk factor in business could be interpreted as hard long hours of work leading to both ups and downs, testing the nerve and separating the wheat from the chaff. The stress in business is real and not so many can stand it. It takes a particular kind of stamina and a life outlook that makes an entrepreneur. What makes a real trade-off between a franchise and a start-up is the level of risk, otherwise all are in the same boat.
Franchise is a valid way to earn a decent living for a person without a strong vision of a unique business idea.Buying a franchise, its license fees are exchanged into business risks decomposers, sales and marketing done for you. Namely, for the price of a franchise you get a business model that works and comes along with the branding. Your job is only to run it well and respond to the market conditions particular to your market segment, most often subdivided geographically between franchisers.

If you don’t risk starting a company from scratch, you don’t win your dream fulfillment

Providing no particular business aspiration is pursued, a franchised business is the answer. It gives people - without a dream to fulfil - a place to express their entrepreneurial spirit and implement their managerial ambitions. But what if you have your own idea? It might be your family recipes for pizza that you want to build a restaurant around. There is no franchise for that. That is something to build on your own and by your rules.
Nothing is known and nothing is established for a start-upper. What is more, the Statistics says 99% of all the startups fail in the first 3 years. To jump into it takes will-manage-opening-a-parachute-just-in-time-on-my-possible way-down mindset. What else is highly required when starting a company is personal charisma, which is a special mental ability to overcome stressful situations being a leader people want to follow and partner up with.
Partner up with the right people to make your business a success!
Therefore, our "family" recipe for baking a successful start-up company is: mix a unique business idea, leadership abilities, and a valid business plan together. Then season your company with the right partners who can boost your business. Chose Envion Software to get into that 1% of successful startups. We are good at what we do, 30+ years of our business presence evidencing the fact.