Case Study

The one-point access system of a US digital publisher engages 1+ mln clients

The results
  • 2000+ of digital publishers libraries and counting;
  • 1.3 mln of clients using library services.
The challenge.
When an American digital publishing company asked Envion to develop a web-based one-point access system for their platform users and administrators, we aimed to do both:
  • Add user engagement opportunities;
  • Deliver top marketing value.
The platform’s collections of e-books, audios, movies, music, online courses and radio broadcasts, videos, magazines, web apps, etc., - all are available now via “One-Account” gateway!
The Approach and Solution.
First, the searching criteria system was developed and now library clients can search for a required media asset using even multiple principles:
  • keyword/title,
  • genre,
  • language,
  • cast/crew,
  • director/producer,
  • festival,
  • channel,
  • year,
  • duration,
  • audience (family, teen, or adult), etc.
Then, Envion developed one-point access system both for library clients, and admins.
Library administrators can subscribe to any of the multiple services available via the gateway to offer them to the library members. What’s more, administrators are equipped to generate reports on the usage of their collections and services, filtering user requests.
Business results.
As the result, the number of the digital publisher’s libraries embedded into the platform is currently 2000+, and the number of these libraries’ users has been increased to approximately 1.3 million. No two subscribers have the same experience, while the administrators know their consumers and apply all the marketing tools based on user requests!
Technology Stack:
  • JS/(different libraries) JS, JQuery/ JQuery and AJAX plugins
  • PHP5
  • SQL (MySQL5)
  • Apache2
  • Ubuntu, Red Hat
  • Memcached
  • Solr
About Envion Software.
From your concept to a successfully implemented business solution, our team is capable to deliver custom-made software developed from scratch. We also offer re-engineering services for our clients to benefit from the most appropriate way of outsourcing their coding needs to Envion.