Case Study

US tech start-up becomes a leader with a flagship product on GPS-mapping

The results
  • The product is scalable enough to allow company to expand into new regional markets and business market segments;
  • The number of B2B advertising partners is still growing.
The challenge.
A technology start-up from the US came up with the business idea of a route planner application. According to their requirements, the mobile application had to:
  • be used in conjunction with their website;
  • Make up a single route-planning;
  • Create information-sharing system.
The Approach and Solution.
Envion Software has delivered an innovative route-planner, the American company is currently using as their flagship product.
It’s about to get easier to find one’s way around the unfamiliar territory and make the tripping experience smoother, - if one has any mobile device.
The client’s mobile app, developed by Envion, allows to:
  • Chart a route on a map using GPS;
  • Discover a variety of businesses (restaurants, cafes, stores, hotels, motels, filling stations, and more) located within a specified distance along the route;
  • Get acquainted with the various contextual information provided by these businesses(sales, discounts, events, etc);
  • Share the found information with family and friends registered in the system, making the latest similar to a social net.
Business results.
The startup has become a leading technology vendor in their business domain. Their innovative and scalable product is competitive enough to trigger company’s expansion into new regional markets and business market segments. 1.5 years after the product has been released, the number of the client’s B2B partners – businesses that want to advertise their services within – is still rapidly growing.
Technology Stack:

IDEs and tools: Xcode, IntelliJ AppCode, Git, JIRA, Confluence
Frameworks: Cocoa Touch
Programming Languages: Objective C, C, Swift
Libraries and technologies: Core Audio, AFNetworking, YapDatabase, SQLite, XML, JSON, REST

IDEs and tools: Android Studio, Git, JIRA, Confluence
Frameworks: Android SDK, Android NDK
Programming Languages: Java, C, C++
Libraries and technologies: SQLite, XML, JSON, REST, JNI

PHP for web frontends.
C# ASP.Net web-services
MS SQL Server.

MongoDB as storage for business entities.
Golang based web services as highload API endpoints for external clients and mobile apps.
PostgreSQL database server with custom changes in PostGIS extension.
OSM, Nominatim, Routino, OSRM - routing and geocoding.

Amazon Web Services as a hosting platform.
About Envion Software.
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