Why work for us:

  • Stable employer
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Nice compensation package
  • Team development activities
  • Our own Exchange Office program
top experts are allowed to work flexible schedules and from anywhere they want (but, shhh, don't tell that to others)
Envion Software was started in 1985 to solve a number of natural languages processing tasks. We believe in collaboration with scientific hubs; therefore, this creates an atmosphere of constant professional development!
It is fun to work in one of our offices because we enjoy:
  • Fun team activities and holidays spent tog ether
  • Learning opportunities, English club & professional events included
  • Ping-pong, volleyball, & quests held on permanent basis
  • Free of rules dress code (actually, there's one rule: please, have at least something on))))
*** What is more: we're open to new ideas!