Application to check a used car engine

Just imagine a software that uses all the cumulative knowledge of the mankind to detect whether a used car engine should be replaced or is still in a working condition. What is now performed by an expert with decades of mechanic experience and is called a pure intuition, could be performed by an application that recognizes “bad” engine sounds. This will add to the security on the roads by solving the challenge of buying a used car.
Providing the software is applied to detect plane engines condition, it opens endless opportunities for the Aerospace industry.

Application for patient-doctor dialogue

Weizenbaum’s ELIZA is a nice example of a chatbot-therapist, as it parses the words one has typed and asks back a related question. An online psychological help may truly benefit from such an application that imitates a therapist session, – both for marketing purposes to attract more web page visitors or even to achieve relevant HR costs reduction.

Classifying the level of academic texts, essays for e-Learning

When studying programs are developed, a human-generated classification of texts for varied student levels could be irrational. Machine-generated classification resolves the issue. Another aspect of assessing students’ progress – essays evaluation – could be also assisted via such an application. E-learning companies that develop testing systems could improve their process with this application.

Data-driven decision management in e-commerce

Business management – that is rationalized by data-driven decisions – is more efficient. In E-commerce, data analytics enables to locate potential clients, disclose their tastes, and interpret the information into business offers. For instance, if your T-shirt company has sold 30k of white outfits in the previous season, and only 200 items of black ones, the business decision to produce more white-colour shirts could be wise, according to the company’s big data analytics.

Digital assistant for online Media or Finance

Applying Data mining, your digital assistant might perform a web search for you to fish out a particular information from newspapers, multiple languages functionality included. This might come handy for Finance, as stock markets depend on political and economic events; moreover, automatic-multi-language-web-search assistant would assist media companies in publishing immediate news.

Voice-activated applications

Speaking commands and queries aloud in natural language and expecting an accurate command performance in return could be integrated into car panels or smart houses, not to mention applications for people with special needs. It’s already difficult to imagine the Internet of Things without voice-activated devices.

Knowledge search in texts

An application for finding knowledge articles or informative parts in longer text saves time for students. Libraries and repositories would use the knowledge search application to automatize relevant processes and assist their users better.
On-line media could also use the knowledge-search application for raising the user loyalty asset.

Sentiment analysis of user-generated feedback

Identifying and categorizing opinions into positive, negative, or neutral in CRM platforms is one example of sentiment analysis application based on NLP technology. It is also applicable for auto blocking negative comments or the ones with banned words. Positive comments could be categorized into so-called “prospective clients” folder for further e-mail marketing or other campaigns.