Oliver Alexy

“Very diligent work. In particular, great work and responsiveness on bug-fixing. Final outcome is (in the most positive sense) exactly as specified by the initial agreement. Also good documentation, analysis of my original program etc. The team was attentive and involved enough to even spot an error in my original mathematical formulas (that I would have never found). Will use again should similar tasks arise. Definitely value for money.”

Bob Parks, President

“The key to any project challenge lies within effective management and innovative approach. My experience with Envion Software is that they deliver both, the state-of-the-art solutions and a productive management of the developing process. They have been resolving many challenges while completing our project to meet our expectations. Well, that is hard to imagine consistent excellence, but my experience with Envion Software has persuaded me it is possible.”

Shirley Keating, MD

“Actually, something I’ve been meaning to tell you for the last couple of months is how well the whole TopLeaf Linux version is running. There have only been a few bugs reported, and they’ve been quick to sort out. Please accept our thanks for the part that Envion and the team have played.”

Brett Newbold, MP

“Just finished a project with the company called Envion Software. It’s by far the most value for money contract programming company I’ve ever worked with. They can take on almost anything and deliver the programming in a timely manner. So, this is my reference: in case you are having thoughts about contracting out programmers, hire Envion without any further doubts, – they are talented and responsible engineers.”

Michele A. Sigler, Founder

“We experienced a feeling of a relief, when our tremendous piece of work was handed off to a tech company with deep linguistic knowledge and programming experience, Envion Software. Initially, we requested a cost-estimation plan for our project. The Envion team came back to us with the project output specifications, possible schedule and estimated staffing and relevant budget. During our further collaboration, every aspect of the project plan was performed as outlined, all our needs taken into account. We highly recommend the Envion team of offshore programmers.”

Michael Quinlan, CEO

“Envion Software team has developed a range of essential projects for our web, desktop, mobile platforms and server managed devices.
Our product line and technology strategy delivered efficiently by Envion, we can truly call them our partners rather than just a company we outsource our programming to. Cooperation with Envion is a competitive advantage of our business. Therefore, our company plans to continue the collaboration with Envion, not to mention all the amazing products to come as the fruitful result of our partnership.”