Data Science

Our Data Science experts have a solid Data Science background and have previously taken part in a number of challenging projects for international clients in an array of business domains. The following is a brief description of several projects which they have taken part in implementing, which illustrate the high level of their Data Science skills and expertise.

GPS Navigation

Envion company has lauchned a big number of with GPS Navigation …. The purpose of navigation system is to facilitate the access to any point around the area under consideration. The GPS system was devoted to determine the current location based on a 24 satellite system located around the earth. Please add more information to here.

Natural Language Processing

The history of Envion’s NLP practice spans nearly 30 years and dates back to 1984, when the company just began to operate as Circle Noetic Services.

Back then, as a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates led by our CEO, we initially tackled the problem of automatic hyphenation and, eventually, succeeded in delivering an utterly novel proprietary technology solution that was licensed to Adobe, Quark, Microsoft, Oracle, Atex, and many other publishing and IT heavyweights.

We started at the industry’s outset, and have since built, through unrelenting search and sustained effort, a remarkably powerful NLP practice that focuses on two major areas: Proprietary NLP products and Custom NLP Solutions.

As part of its NLP Practice, Envion employs a cherry-picked in-house linguistic team that includes scientists from Eastern Europe’s leading universities.

CRM Systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.


Envion’s Healthcare IT practice stems from the company’s technological eminence: the company’s first project in this business domain was awarded to us as a highly dependable and skillful provider that boast­ed an immaculate delivery track record.

We found the exacting and impactful nature of Healthcare IT to be a great incentive for us to develop as a company, as well as a great chance to make a difference and help a huge number of people with something they needed the most. Those were the main reasons that prompted us to allocate significant resources, ac­quire the knowledge and experience we needed, and, eventually, make Healthcare IT a strong area of ex­pertise and part of our flagship service offering.

We have spent more than 6 years developing large-scale Heathcare projects, some of which make us proud to be part of something of nationwide significance in a critically important area. In addition to technologi­cally equipping well-established medical institutions, Envion’s Healthcare IT practice has become an inte­gral part of several remarkable startup success stories, thus enabling medical innovation reach an even greater number of people.

Marketing & Advertising

Projects in this domain are like bright meteors lighting up the night sky – always inspiring our clients, delighting Envion Software’s team, and astonishing products’ end-users. We always work at our limit in Marktech and Adtech projects both technologically and creatively, because marketing and advertising are the engines of progress in today’s world. Check out our latest intriguing cases from this category, and you will be encouraged by new advertising ideas.

Media & Education

Schooling the younger generation, professional development, content delivery, and administration were important and necessary tasks for any project related to this domain. Our team commitment, tang, and zest to this domain projects are always the highest since the future generations’ success highly depends on them. Data storage and administration, smart search, parsing, Machine Learning, and data arrays storage – here’s what forms the basis of such projects.

Travel & Hospitality

Envion Software expertise in this very dynamic business environment has always lied in high-quality integration with the systems of location and positioning, notification/response, as well as security and planning. Many of our Travel/Hospitality projects were particularly challenging in task implementation in the shortest possible time, and using the best positioning and logistics systems.

Fitness & Wellness

Our expertise in this industry lies in implementing complex and multi-platform projects easily integrating into the Fitness industry of sensors, styles, user behavior patterns and takes into account the latest trends in this field. Our team excelled at introducing products that improve end-users lives, and in the Fitness Industry, we launched more than one application revealing the full potential of state-of-the-art needs.

Social Media

Envion Software foray into social media began in 1999 with an idea for a website where people could connect to their friends and family and let them know about their lives. Since then we worked on a number of projects in this area. We developed a community portal where members could share their language learning content among themselves with an option to monetize it.

We developed a dating application targeting the alphabet people. We have explored and added insight to the online-dating services phenomena which is the next product and beneficiary of the internet revolution that offers customers a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional methods of dating.

Design/methodology/approach – Empirically investigated through conceptual models and statistical methods were the value proposition of online matchmaking services, which boils down to the ability to provide appropriate matches through successfully business-to-customer customer service enhanced by the web and based on sound customer relations management practices.